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mina fairhax
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
mina is my name

angst is the game.

Self-asserted angst ruler.

About me and stuff um okay:

im rlly awkward and I write fanfictions in 2nd and 3rd person bc some perspectives fit some stories more than others!! i'm not as active as I was a while ago bcus i'm putting a lot more effort into my stories and I am trying to edit out and make them nicer as I go along!! go improvement~! If you don't know what fandoms i'm in, just ask and i'll tell chu,,, what else... idk but I tend to be really awkward and if you want to talk or rant or vent I am here!! if u don't wanna send me a note on here you can always find my tumblr down there and stuff and just tell me there if u wanna,,, um let's see... I love making new friends and stuff so pls hmU!! I play chess, volleyball and rp in my free time and I play piano so idk sometimes I might be inactive because of that but since summer is coming up I probably won't be as inactive as I was in the school year!! if I am it's proabably camp for any of my hobbies!!

if it's not too much trouble,, they/them pronouns would be gr9


Currently working on (in order, hopefully):

note: these are mostly the baseline of the stories---there might be a drabble or something in between them, or stories, but these are ones that i swear to god im gonna write

[mask] { the phantom thief x reader } CAN BE FOUND:…
please note that the was fucking with my formatting, so the size of the text and such
is screwed up.

[paper star encounters] { kuroo tetsurou x reader x kenma } CAN BE FOUND:…

[gummy bears] { calliope x reader } CAN BE FOUND:…

[miss library] { akise aru x reader }

[meet again] { tooru oikawa x reader }

[marry you] { dave strider x reader }

[how to (not) fall in love] { yamaguchi x reader } CAN BE FOUND:…

[monster] { hiro hamada x reader }


trades: why not tho hell yeah these are open i'll do it if u wanna do one just hmu

commissions: i'm not rlly big on people paying me for something i'm not all too confident with

requests: probably not,, unless I offer not rlly, no,,


icons, usernames & stuff:

kei tsukishima from haikyuu!! lbr if the videocam or w/e was still there we all know it'd be the bae there. My username is minakurosaki beCAUSE I WAS A FUCKIGN T RASH and I still am tbh,, it's not that I would be marrying ichigo,, I am obviously the love child of ichigo and rukia,,,


(lord help me)


I had a fanfiction at one point, but then again,,,

we don't talk about the dark ages anymore,,,

I have a wattpad but yo don't look it up bc we dONT TALK ABOUT THE DARK AGES.

I'm only really on here and tumblr so ye


in regards to my stories:

i'll try and reply to each of the comments I get,,,!! if I don't reply right away i'll get to it asap! ♥ I love getting feedback from u guys so don't be afraid to speak up if you see something wrong!!

copypastas: I haven't gotten any but if I see any on any of my works I will personally come over and delete and block u tbh bcus some of them are really dumb.

Plagerism: it happened at my school, some little shit copied my essay. I will make sure you pay if you copy any of my works, or any of my friends works, I don't care, I will find you. It's not cool whatsoever and I hate it.

I love writing angst because I like breaking hearts especially my own bc I like mending it with all the cute fluff that people write!! if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!! I don't rlly write smut 'cause it can make me uncomfortable and I don't rlly read it but on some occasions I will!! I write songfics too sometimes bc some sonGS GML TBH

I kno I type like a five year old but in my stories I try to keep the grammar in check and such!!

I also RP (on tumblr, not anime and manga rps tho) so if i'm behind it's either that or school or chess,,,!



multifandom for a bunch so just ask if ur unsure!! reader insert and canon friendly (but I write reader inserts more often)

intp, virgo, music-art oriented, but i'm kinda smart idk



instagram – hyfrgigi
if u wanna follow me,, pls dm me first so I know who you are!! I dont rlly accept requests
unless I know them or smthing of that sort

tumblr – tsukishixa
yoooo hmu there if u wanna and if we're friends I might have a tag for you ;o;

email – note me
if u wanna get it pls

kik – gigi_chan
again, please message me saying you're from dA or smth!!

skype – note me
ask me and if we're close i'll give it to ya

snapchat – note me
but don't send me dick pics or i'll screenshot them and blackmail you for child
poronography, thx

thank you so much and i hope you'll stick around, because i'm planning on improving my writing with each piece, but who knos?? thank you all so much again it means so  much to me uwu!!


welcome to hell;": no a/c in Minnesota
someone snapchat me i have six hours in this car please don't leave mEEEEEEEE

jk I'm so bored not even an hour in i might nap whoops
hiatus thing: for like, a week bc im lame && im going to chess camp what fun
{ kuroo tetsurou x sister!reader (x oikawa?) }

fandom/pov/universe: haikyuu/third/percy jackson au

*kuroo is 17 & the reader is 16.

*for the sake of this, just imagine that there’s some kind of camp half blood in japan, thanks <3


“What would I do without you?” The voice rang out in his ears as she draped her arms over his shoulders, making him laugh. Her cheek was smushed on the top of his bedhead, and she closed her [e/c] eyes, as his laughter died down into a chuckle, before a small smile.

“I dunno, but we’re not going to find out anytime soon.”

“And why’s that?”

“Because I’m not leaving you anytime soon, [Name]. I can promise you that.”


“Who the hell are you?” A soft, hoarse voice snapped out, as she leaned against the wall of the school, her arms crossed over her chest. “I have to get back to the dance, so make this quick,” [Name] all but hissed out, her [e/c] eyes burning a hole into the other person’s head.

“Like you were actually dancing,” the blonde sneered, and [Name] swore she could feel her eye twitch. “I’m here to take you to Camp Half Blood.”

The [h/c] girl gave a small smirk and a nod, a humourless chuckle escaping her lips. “What is that? And why should I go with you? I don’t even know your name.” Her [e/c] eyes flit up the tall beanstalk, before she rolled her eyes.

Kei could have sworn that his orbs rolled to the back of his head, and if he talked to this girl anymore, he might “accidentally” forget her there. “My name's Tsukishima Kei, and you’re in danger, which is why I’m her--”

“Actually, you’re the one in danger, Kei,” she said, pushing herself off the wall, so she stood face to face (face to chest, god why the hell was he so tall?) with him, a glare emanating from her eyes, “because, I'm about to punch you in the balls.”

The blonde winced, as he glanced over his shoulder, his golden eyes scanning the dark parking lot, skimming over a few cars. “Oi, King, help me out here,” he called out lightly, as [Name] tried to slip back into the school that had pounding music and neon lights, but the taller and older blonde clamped a hand on her shoulder, making her shiver.

“I told you not to call me that, dumbass,” a voice snapped out, much like [Name]’s had earlier, as a boy stepped out from behind a car, irritation clear on his face, piercing through the darkness, enough to make the younger girl shiver. He had raven locks that draped on his face, and she avoided his gaze. “You’re about to get killed by a giant harpy if you don’t come with us,” he said flatly, and a look of astoundment.

“You’re insane!” She called out, smacking Kei’s hand off of her shoulder, fully preparing to leave the two demigods boys behind, and an irk mark appeared on the Kei’s face; the girl would die without them, and as much as he wanted to just leave her to die, Ukai would personally kick his ass in if he did. The girl with the sparkly [f/c] dress had her hand curled around the handle of the school doors, before he swallowed uncomfortably.

“[Name], we have your brother.”

The change was immediate, and that was obvious by the way her body froze up, and unbeknownst to them, her blood ran cold, almost as if it had venom in it. Her [e/c] eyes flitted around the beige door, then to the cement steps of the school. [Name]’s bottom lip trembled, her brows furrowed and her eyes almost began to water.

“That’s impossible,” she hissed quietly. “You don’t know what you’re talking about, Kuro---”

“Kuroo is safe at camp,” Kageyama said, cutting her off. “We know you want to see your brothe---”

“You wouldn’t know anything! The only one who understood and accepted me was Kuro and he’s dead,” she sneered, facing the two boys, tears streaming down her face. “Just...leave me the hell alone,” she said quietly, scrubbing away at her tears.


“Kuro? Kuro wake up,” she hissed, shaking his shoulder lightly, biting down on her lip lightly, as her shaking became more frantic. “You’re not allowed to leave me right now, not after this. Please, wake up!”

Two teenagers loomed above the brother and sister, the brown haired one looking like he was about to cry, the other looking away from the scene.

“Do something! This is your fault, you need to do something!” [Name] exclaimed hysterically, tears now streaming down her face. “If it weren’t for you that thing wouldn’t have shown up, so do something. Please, I’m begging you,” she mumbled, tears falling onto her brother’s track jacket, before the fifteen year old found herself being risen up by the arms.

It was the brown haired boy. If the time and place had been different, she would have remarked him as attractive, but the idea that her brother could be gone from her life forever made more tears stream down her face.

“ can...take care of this, right?” Oikawa’s voice lacked all the brightness that it had before hand, as he spun the younger girl around so that she would face him. “Look at me. Look at me.”

Her [e/c] eyes sparkled with more tears as the sixteen year old kneeled down so that he was at her height (considering he was quite tall).

“No more tears, alright? We’re gonna make sure your brother’s alright, I promise you,” he said quietly, wiping away at the fifteen year old’s tears with his thumb. “What’s your name?”

“[N-Name],” she stuttered out, before he nodded, giving her a fake, reassuring smile, but at the moment her vision was so blurred and her head hurt way too much to notice that it was.

“I’m Oikawa, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Oh, I could think of nicer ways,” she said bitterly, before he stood up.

“Come on, let’s take you back home for now, alright?”


A shriek escaped her lips as she held up the history textbook threateningly, her hands shaking as she backed up against the wall. Detention was so not supposed to go like this.

“What the actual fuck?” She hissed, as the three-headed dog approached closer and closer to the girl, as her eyes watered with tears. “Oh god, I’m gonna die, and no one’s gonna know, oh fuck,” she mumbled, as tears streamed down her face. The breath of the huge ass three headed dog was absolutely rancid, and she could smell it from a few feet away. “God, I just wish…” She pressed herself into the wall, and hopefully, she could sink into it and off and away to a place that wasn’t going to make her die.

“Cerberus. What in Hades’ name are you doing?” A voice boomed out, and the girl froze. She’d recognize that voice anywhere.

A boy with bedhead hair and an orange t-shirt walked in, irritation on his face, a crystal clear sword in his left hand. “You know you need to…” A smirk came onto his face, as the dog sat down, a whimper escaping his throat, and as she blinked, the dog was gone, but tears replaced the fear that was previously in her eyes.


The boy snapped at the sound of his name, before his brown orbs widened, a single name falling from his lips.



“She can come stay in our cabin!” Oikawa gave Kuroo a sly grin, and he shifted his sister on his back, the girl fast asleep. “Besides, the Hermes’ cabin always has extra beds. Even if, she could sleep in mine,” he said sweetly, a closed eye smile on his face.

“She’s my sister,” he said flatly, as he approached the Camp Director who didn’t look all too happy; as he rolled his eyes. He put out the cigarette that hung loose from his fingers as the two approached him.

“Your adoptive sister, technically.”

“Still my sister,” the bedhead drawled out, as he looked at Ukai.

“Whaddaya want?” He asked, before looking at the girl he was currently giving a piggy back ride to. “Who’s that?”

“My sis--”

“[Name]-chan!” Oikawa piped up, shoving himself in front of the other seventeen year old, ruffling said girl’s hair, and she moaned a bit in her sleep, shifting slightly, before returning to light snores. “She’s the one girl I had to take home when this guy almost died!” He jabbed a finger towards the bed head, who glared at Oikawa.

“She’s my sister,” Kuroo interjected, before shifting her so that he wouldn’t accidentally drop her.

“Adoptive,” Oikawa added on.

“So technically, you don’t even have the same parents.”


“But she’s still a demigod,” Kuroo said, looking at the girl who’s head rested on his shoulder. “Or else she wouldn’t have been able to get into the camp. So can she please just sta---”

“No,” Ukai said, completely cutting off whatever statement Kuroo had in mind. “She’s unclaimed, and she’s not even related by blood to you. She’ll be staying with the Hermes’ cabin until further notice. Dismissed,” he said, turning around in his chair.


“And you, [Name]-chan, will sleep in the bunk right above mine,” he said happily, as the girl blushed lightly. “Everyone’s heading to sleep, and I suggest that you do too. We can explain who your godly parent is, or hopefully they’ll claim you tomorrow.” Oikawa grinned, shoving the girl back up onto the bunk, who was fully dressed in black pj’s with white moons in them. “Good night, darling!! Remember you can always share a bed with me if you’re scared,” he flirted shamelessly, as he clicked the nightstand light off.

The [h/c] haired girl sat criss cross applesauce on the bunk bed, as she glanced around the dark cabin, a cold sweat appearing on the back of her neck. It had been a couple of minutes, but everyone was already snoring. She tugged the pillow near the headboard towards her and into her arms, but she made no move to sleep.

Slowly, she slid out of the bunk bed, and her feet hit the floor, as she sighed, her [e/c] eyes flickering over to the boy below her bunk. Passed out, snoring and drooling; she couldn’t help but giggle lightly at him, before she slipped out of the cabin and into the darkness. (No one warned the poor girl about the things patrolling out, but thankfully, she was able to find the cabin she was looking for.)

She still had the pillow in hand when she knocked on the door of the Hades’ cabin.

At first, there was no response.

So, she replied with banging her fist as hard as possible on the door, before an annoyed Kuroo swung it open.

“Whaddaya wan--- [Name]?” At first he spoke with sleepiness, but he snapped out of it, seeing the younger girl at his door way.

“U-Uhm...can I...can I sleep with you?” She mumbled quietly, kicking at the ground lightly. “I can’t sleep in the Hermes’ cabin well and---”

The girl was automatically pulled into a hug by Kuroo, and she let out a sigh of relief.

Yeah, she could get used to this again.

{ e n d }

[missing you]
and today i have learned that google docs fucks with everything.

tbh this was good like halfway through but then it became bad ew
i'm gonna start writing a pjo au for haikyuu but i need ideas for who would have what godly parent sighs 2 self

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