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woah, look a bio that hasn't been upd8ed since the sixth grade,,,

i'm mina and i write fanfictions and i'm lame. that's about it.


tsukishima kei can slay me bye


{ protect }

ichigo kurosaki x reader

pls consider,,, listening to this [x]

the reader has powers much like inoue, but she is not aware of anything spiritual or anything having to do with seretei. she's human. she has the ability to make herself appear the way SHE wants people to see HER. (e.g. If she wants to go on her cell phone during class, she can use her powers to make it look like she's taking notes when in reality, she's on her phone, ya feel?) her powers are a lot like Kano shuuya from Mekakucity Actors.
for bae, :iconjenthaos:, because lbr,, ichigo is bae.

reader and ichigo are around 17, so post-time skip.


"So let me get this straight, Kurosaki." You folded your arms over your chest, glaring at your crush friend with [e/c] hues. "You want me," he nods, "to babysit with you," the orange headed boy nodded again, "your little sisters," the two of you glance towards the two girls who are cuddled up next to each other on the couch, watching some cartoon, "who are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves?" You raised an eyebrow in amusement, looking at Ichigo.

A blush passed over his face as he ran a large hand through his mess of hair. "Yeah. Believe me, I wouldn't be here except for the fact that a certain someone made me take care of them." He jabs a thumb towards his sisters, but there's no malicious intent behind it. "Thanks for coming over, by the way, [Last Name]. I don't think I could have stood anyone else staying." The way he said your last name made you blush and turn away from him, childishly.

"I never said anything about staying, Kurosaki," you began, but before you could continue, someone was clinging to your arm. Yuzu.

"Come on, onee-chan!" Puppy eyes came from the girl who wore two pigtails, her eyes sparkling. "If you stay with us, I'll cook you really good food!" The girl had always had a habit of calling you her older sister---considering that you and Ichigo had always hung out since you two were tiny. Best friends was another term for it.

You glanced over at Ichigo, who only had a smirk on his face as you faced the girl again. "Listen, Yuzu... I can't stay beca-" You were cut off by a whimper from the girl as her eyes glistened with tears.

"She's going to cry," Karin deadpanned from the couch, not even turning to face the three of you, as you made a face towards the girl. Oh god, no, you couldn't have her sobbing on you. Ichigo gave a chuckle, but made no move to help you.

"Alright, alright, I'll stay, jeez," you said reluctantly, running a hand through your [h/l] [h/c] hair, which made Yuzu squeal with glee, as she let go of you.

"I hate you, Kurosaki."

"You know you love me. Come on, let's go upstairs," he said, as you rolled your eyes.

"I don't see the point in babysitting your kid sisters if we just hang out in your room," you mumbled, but it seemed the strawberry had heard.

Ichigo glanced back at you, before shrugging lightly. "Ask the old man, not me."

"Every time I try to talk to him, he brings up how that he's going to have beautiful grandchildren with me around." Your best friend opened the door to his room, and you sighed, as a blush crossed Ichigo's face.

The moment you entered the room, you had face planted into the mattress of his room, inhaling the smell of his sheets. It smelled like strawberries---how cute.

"Oi, scooch over, [Last Name]," he mumbled, pulling lightly at the collar of us long sleeve shirt. "Some of us want to sit down, ya know?"

"That's a shame," you mumbled into the sheets, refusing to get up.

And then you were forcibly kicked off of his bed.

You landed on the hardwood floor of his room with a loud thud, and your eyes turned a crimson red.

The boy made the mistake to look over at you. Tears were streaming down your face, and blood was streaming down your forehead. "Holy shit, [Name]!" He scrambled off of his bed almost immediately, uncharacteristic worry on his face.

"Calm down, I'm just fucking with you," you snicker out, and close your eyes, and then open them again, your hues returning to normal [e/c]. Almost magically, you returned to your normal self; perfectly fine, just sitting on the floor. "You get worried easily, Kurosaki." You giggled, as the boy gave you a somewhat irritated look, before a vengeful smirk entered his expression.

"You think tricking me is funny you little brat?" You could clearly see a vein popping out of his forehead, as he grabbed onto your ear, pulling you up, smirking at your pain. Granted, it was  all play and such, but it didn't mean it didn't hurt.

"Ow, ow, ow, Ichigo, let go!" You mewled out, rising to your feet as he pulled you up.

"Revenge!" He cried out, before poking and ticking every inch of your body, as you thrashed and giggled and left the two of you lying on the floor, breathing heavily after several.

"You're an idiot, Ichigo."

The two of you laid in a comfortable silence as you stared at his ceiling light. A frown came to your face, as you looked at it, confusion crossing your features. "Did you get a new ceiling light?"

Almost immediately, the boy froze. "What? No. Not that I know of. Must've been the old man or something." The boy with brown eyes looked over at you; now noticing that your eyes were closed. A small pang went through his heart. When you had first found out about your ability, you had immediately ran to him, telling him everything. But he couldn't even tell you about being a shinigami, or about his parents being... "[Last Name], I-" He was cut off by his soul reaper pass blinking, and beeping, as a screech of a hollow sounded.

He bolted up.

But what surprised him even more was the fact that you had bolted up as well, your [e/c] eyes widening. "Ichigo...what the hell was that?" You hadn't heard a sound so ear-splitting, painstakingly awful ever, but it was loud and clear.

He grabbed his soul pass from off of his desk, and shoved it into his chest. Confusion and fear spread out throughout your body, but you knew one thing. Ichigo knew something you didn't, and he wasn't telling you.

He was lying on the floor in his normal clothes, unconscious, but he was at the fucking window next to his bed, ready to jump out. There was a sword on his back. A fucking sword on his back. "What the hell do you think you're doing, Kurosaki?" You question, anger sweeping throughout your body, as you stood up fully.

A look of shock reached his face. "[Name], you can se-? You know what, doesn't matter. Stay here until I get back; it's dangerous out there."

"What the actual fuck?" Your best friend hopped out the window, and you scrambled over to it, leaning through it as you saw his orange hair and black uniform sprint away. "Ichigo Kurosaki, I'm never going to forgive you if you don't come back right this instant!!" You scream, but he was already gone.

Again, you flopped on the bed, running a hand through your [h/c] hair. "What do you mean; it's dangerous out there?" Biting down on your lip, you grabbed a pillow off of the head of his bed clutching it tightly. The thought of Ichigo getting hurt scared you. Usually you were there to patch him up, weren't even sure what was happening. A whimper escaped your throat, and tears streamed down your face. You weren't sure what you felt most---betrayal or confusion.

You trusted him with everything, yet he couldn't even tell you what the hell was happening? When you had a fucking right to know?

"I swear to god, Ichigo, I regret loving you sometimes..." You muttered into his pillow, pulling it even closer to yourself as you let your eyes shut, and you fell asleep. Tears fell down your face and onto the pillow.


When you opened your [e/c] hues, the orange head was at his desk, working on something quietly. You stretched your limbs out on his bed, but kept the pillow close, ruffling the sheets that you were now under. You hadn't fallen asleep under the covers, so how----? Your [e/c] eyes flickered over to the blurry figure, who then approached you, having noticed you were awake by the fact that you had made quite a bit of noise.

"[Name], listen, I can explain," Ichigo said seriously, as you glared at him, still half asleep. He sat on the bed across from you, and scooted a bit towards you, but you held up your hand, and he stopped. "I'm not going to hurt you, I swear, don't be freak-"

Irritation crossed your expression. "Kurosaki, does it look like I'm afraid of you? I'm telling you to back the fuck up so I don't slap the strawberry off of you." You cracked your knuckles, and obliged with your requests, as you looked at him, wiping the sleep from your eyes. "I'm pissed."

"I know."

"And damn right I should be."

The boy paused, and bit his lip. "I guess."

A scoff escaped your pink lips, as you mocked him. "You guess? It's not something that you reluctantly agree to, Ichigo. I have a right to be upset with you, and you know that. The fact that I have trusted you with everything about myself should tell you something about me. You didn't tell me about this ever. You've kept this a secret from me your whole life? I told you the moment I got these damn eyes---" Your eyes flashed red, and for a second, the seventeen year old could have sworn he saw Rukia, before realizing it was just your powers, "and you don't even come to tell me, 'Hey, [Name], I carry a big sword on my back and go fight who knows what, hurr durr!'" You ran a hand through your hair as you looked at him, almost with disgust. "Were you planning on keeping this a secret all your life?"

His response was immediate. "No."

"Then when were you going to tell me?"

Ichigo averted his brown eyes from your gaze. "How can I even trust you anymore?" You whispered, looking at him, waiting for an explanation.

"Trust me? Trust me?" The boy now looked at you, as a flash of anger went through his hazel orbs. "How do I know you're not lying to me every single time I talk to you? With your damn eye power, you could be telling me all lies right now, your entire life, even, and I wouldn't even know it!" He snapped, and at this, you bolted from out of his bed.

"You've known me since we were kids, Ichigo. You know that I only found out about this recently. The real difference between what we've said, is that we both know who's right and wrong here. I'll give you a hint---you're the wrong one."

Your fists were clenched in anger as you gulped down whatever sadness that had built up in your throat. "Just...leave me the hell alone, Ichigo. Since I'm just a liar in the end, right?" And with that, you stormed out of his room, slamming the bedroom door behind you, slipping on your shoes by the front door, and finally exiting his house without even a word to his little sisters.

Where would you go, where would you go? Tears of betrayal now streamed down your face. Ichigo hated you now, didn't he? He hated you, he hated you, he hated you. You didn't want to go home, not with the tears that streamed down your face.

You let your feet take you wherever the lead you. Not even bothering to look up, you looked down at your [f/c] converse, as you crossed the street with the other people. Or who you thought were other people. It seemed that they had not continued to walk as you had. Your eyes still traced on the ground, you watched as the sidewalk turned into tarmac.

And then a loud beeping sound, and almost immediately, your head shot towards the sound, as your eyes widened in fear. The car inched closer and closer, and while it wasn't very slow, you knew that this was it. Shit, you didn't even tell Ichigo how you fel--

A strong pair of arms pulled you back harshly, and back onto the sidewalk, as you were pulled up by the collar of your shirt. "You dumbass idiot!! Are you trying to get yourself killed?" You glanced up, only to see Ichigo with a blush across his face, but fear still stricken in his face. "I didn't tell you to protect you, you moron."

At this, your own [e/c] eyes widened, as he gave a smirk.

"So let me do my job and protect you."

And then his lips crashed into yours. He tasted like strawberries.
here is my half for :iconjenthaos: bc tbh she deserves the world
please consider oikawa serenading the reader with 'classic' by mkto,, pls
shamelessly self promotes their 8tracks playlist that could go along with their story:…
i honestly don't know which one to start on,, but as i look through my favorites i now realize my mistake of not making collections r i p 
(・∀・ )
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
tsukishima x reader.
based off of one scene in mekakucity actors.

trigger warning for: suicidal thoughts, abusive relationships, self-harm, and suicide.

"I want this one!!" Her tiny voice rang out in the shop, making the boy wince, taken aback by the girl's loudness. His golden hues followed the single index finger that was pointed towards the flower crown. Yellow, light pink and blue flowers adorned it, with leaves and other flowery stuff that Tsukishima couldn't be concerned enough with label in his mind.

His slightly larger hand grabbed it off the metal shelf, trying not to let out a strangled sound when he saw the price tag.

"Weeeelll?" The girl asked, her hair bouncing up and down as she looked at her taller boyfriend with a happy smile. "Come on, Kei-chan, this can be your birthday present to me!! Oh, I know, we can get matching ones, so that way everyone knows that you're mine!!" She twirled around, her skirt fluttering around her thighs as she did so. A small wink came from the petite girl, and she giggled at the small blush that crossed his face.

He looked around quickly, before snatching another one off of the shelf. Oh, the things he did to please her.

"Yaaay!! I love you, Tsukki!!" She squealed in happiness, as she pranced up to the check out of the small boutique.


"I love you, Tsukki!!" Her voice, clear like a bell, rang out happily, as the blonde megane scowled, a blush crossing his face.

"Seriously, don't say that," he said flatly, as she swung their intertwined hands back and forth. "You sound like Yamaguchi."

Her smile faltered, giving way to a sad frown, before it was quickly wiped away and replaced by a grin that didn't quite reach her eyes. "Sorry, Tsukki!!" She said, clearly mocking the boy with freckles, all in good heart, of course. "Alright, Kei," the way she said his voice gave him shivers, "I love you. I love you, Kei." Her voice was more quiet, and she was a lot calmer. Earnesty was intertwined with her words as she squeezed his hand softly.

The taller boy looked at his friend(?), and a smirk crossed his face, as he leaned down, and captured her unsuspecting lips in a sweet kiss. It was a couple of moments before they had pulled apart, a string of saliva connecting the two. 

It was obvious she wasn't expecting it. "Embarassing, Kei, you're embarassing!!" She said, wiping her lips away, a blush on her face.

"I love you too."


While he thought it went unnoticed, the boy stiffened at his girlfriend's words, before taking up a neutral expression again, and walking over to the cashier. The girl frowned, a hint of sadness in her expression as she looked at him. "Kei--!" Her voice was cut off as he held out a palm in a stopping motion, demanding her silence.

"Leave it." Kei took out his wallet, and paid with a bill of some sorts, although she couldn't quite catch what kind. "Keep the change," he said flatly, before taking the bag off of the counter that had the flower crowns. "Come on," he said, grabbing the girl's hand tightly as they walked out of the boutique.

"You know I didn't m-mean it like that, right, Kei??" Worry interlaced his girl friend's voice as he looked down at her. "I completely forgot. I'm sorry." Earnesty in her voice, he froze. "I love you, Kei."


"I love you, Kei."


"Er, yeah. You too, shrimpy."

The girl looked a bit hurt at his lack of response, but she said nothing, and only squeezed his hand reassuringly, although he said nothing. The two walked down the street, and back to the school. Lunch break wouldn't last any longer.

As the two approached the school, he dug into the plastic bag, and placed one of the two flower crowns on her head delicately, as if he were afraid she would break if he did it anymore harshly, as a blush crossed her face. "What about yours?"



"Wear the other flower crown so we match!!

"No way in hell, that's girly as hell!! The King would never let me live it down!!"

"Oh, I see how it is!! You're embarrassed to have me as your girlfriend, aren't you?"

"That's not it--!"

"If it's not, then put on the flower crown!!"

Kei eye's widened, and he scowled. "Fine." Grabbing the flower crown out of the bag, he angrily placed it on his head, letting some of the artificial flowers fall to the ground. "Happy?"

The girl went on her tippy toes---being a head or so shorter than her boyfriend---and brushed her pink lips against his now pink cheeks. "You always make me happy," she said softly; no double meaning behind it. Just that. "Meet you in the gym afterschool?"

"Of course," he said, kissing her on the top of her forehead, before they parted ways. 

A girl with silver hair and a pink highlight sprinted up to the girl, forcibly linking arms. It was obvious to see that these two were best friends. The friend oddly resembled Suga---which made it stick out to Kei's girlfriend. It was later that she would find out, that yes, she was the third year's (first year) sister. "Hey, you're kind of a selfish girlfriend, you know that?"

Much like her boyfriend earlier, the girl stiffened. Oblivious, her friend pulled her along, waiting for her answer.


"Eh? No way, I could never d-date Kei!!" The [h/c] haired girl had a pale blush spreading onto her face as she tried to cover it up, failing uselessly as Yachi smirked. [Name] sunk deeper into her seat as she glanced towards the doorway, in which Kageyama and Tsukki argued about something; most likely volleyball technique.

"And why is that, huh, [Name]?" The smirk never left her face as she looked at [Name], who was practically falling out of her chair at this point. A memory flashed through [Name]'s mind---when Kei and herself had walked home, the kiss, the 'I love you's---it made her squeal as she covered her entire face with her hands.

"I can only be his best friend, that's all," she said, sadness lacing her expression. "He needs someone as selfish as him to keep him afloat!"

She let out a small chuckle, giving her friend Yachi a grin that was forced and lopsided, as she sat up straight in her desk, putting her papers. "Besides...I don't think he likes me like that." Biting down on her chapped lip, [Name] let sadness overtake her expression again, but this time she didn't try to stop it. It didn't mean anything; the kiss Kei and [Name] had shared. It wasn't like it was the first the two had shared---but he never called her his girlfriend, and whenever he introduced her to someone, it was always,

"She's my bestfriend." 

"He's totally in love with you, [Name]!!" The friend of [Name] squealed, making the megane blonde look over towards the two, and his golden eyes glanced towards [Name], before flitting away, as if snubbing her.

"No, not really," she said, a small sigh on her lips as she packed her bags. "Kei, are you ready to go?"

The tall boy looked over at his best friend, and smirked. "Took you long enough." He began to walk away, expecting the girl to follow, as he called out a casual, "See you later, 'King'!" [Name] struggled to keep up with Kei, as his long legs took him further with less strides, and she had been distracted by the vein that was pratically popping out of Kageyama's forehead. By time she had caught up with him, he was at the bottom of the staircase, and she had practically sprinted down to make sure he wasn't waiting long. Huffing and puffing, she gave him a smile.

That was shattered in a moment.

"Jeez, [Name], I didn't know you were so fat."

And her heart broke once more. It's not like that she wasn't used to it; sometimes it was about her grades, 
"Really? A 56? Are you stupid? You're in class 4 for a reason, [Name]. You shouldn't be here if you can't even pass this class." or sometimes how her hair wasn't perfectly correct, "Your hair looks stupid today. Did you forget to put conditioner in it?" It was little things like that that slowly broke [Name], and it was hard not to cry whenever he said those things.

But even the comment then it was cruel---it wasn't her fault that the [e/c] eyed girl had asthma. Hell, she was risking her own health just so he wouldn't be kept waiting.

Tears form in the corner of [Name]'s eyes, but she said nothing. How could he be so cruel one moment, but then breathtakingly sweet the next?


"It's a long story, Hiro," she said, a smile on her face, one that didn't stretch from ear to ear. "Let's just go to class, already."


The boy glanced at the board. It was the first thing he noticed. Unlike his classroom, they had the date written in the top right corner. February 9th. "Hey, Yachi, have you seen [Name] around?" The girl blinked as she looked up from her notebook, shaking her head.

"Isn't she in your class, Tsukishima-san?" The blonde girl had confusion written all over her face, as she took a sip of her milk.

"Yeah, but..." The normally passive aggressive megane held up a pink envelope. "I wanna talk to her." A pale blush had crossed his face as he pushed his glasses up. On the envelope, her name, [Name], was written in kanji, clearly delicately.

A smirk crossed the normally innocent girl's face, as she shrugged. "Maybe she's on the roof? She's spent a lot of time up there."

He shook his head in somewhat of a dazed manner. "There's still construction. There's no fence. There's no way that [Name] would be up there, she could get herself ki--" The boy stopped himself, his eyes widened. No, no way. He had known about her problems---but he occasionally brushed them off. More frequently as time went on, because it seemed like a daily repeat. Almost immediately after cutting his own statement off, he had his phone whipped out.

text message from: ray of sunshine [name] Dear Kei. This isn't that sentimental, i suppose, considering it's over text message,,, but you know i really love you, right? even all the dumb things that kind of make me hurt, im okay with that!! not rlly but i mean,, you're my best friend and id rather u put it on me then someone else ;) but, im not feeling all too well rn. my thoughts arent that gr8,, and i dont think i can go back to a therapist for a third time,,, besides,,, that would be rlly 'pathetic', to quote u, right?? i mean,,, i havent been clean for a while... i relapsed like,, last night, maybe?? i dont kno why im even friends with you sometimes,, because you hoenstly make me feel like crap sometimes...but you can be so sweet and amazing and,... idk where i was going with this,, but lmao,, i kno...but i just wanted to say,,, in case i never see you again. i love you. im sorry for being a shitty friend, i wish i could have done better.

text message to: ray of sunshine [name] jfc, [name], it's like, one am. shut up and go to bed; save the sentimentals for tomorrow.

He sprinted faster than he ever had, shoving past people. "Don't you dare do it, [Name], I swear to god." Considering the fact that he was on the first floor and he had to sprint to the roof, he was practically huffing and puffing, beads of sweat trickling down his face. He swung the door open to the roof, only to see the [h/c] head girl sitting on the edge, in a place with no fence. Her legs hung off the edge of the building, as she faced the entrance of the school, back facing her best friend. "Jesus christ, I thought that you were--"

"Dead?" Her voice was flat and lacked emotion, as the first year turned around, her [e/c] eyes brimming with tears. "No, not yet."

Very carefully, he approached the girl, his hands out in a defensive position. "[Name], p-please be careful." He could feel his lungs closing off as he approached the fifteen year old girl. He was practically choking for air, as he tried not to look down at her wrists. One glance down, and he could see the red, vertical cuts up and down her forearm.

"You're panting? Seriously? And I'm the fat one?" Her bottom lip trembled as she tried to make a joke of what he had said earlier, but her voice cracked halfway through, as she stood up. "What are you doing here, Kei?"

The megane tried to play it off. "I'm here to take you back to the classroom, obviously. I-It's lunch time, and we can go to your favorite c-cafe, the one down the street; if you ju-"

[Name] wiped away the tears streaming down her face, as she gave a pathetic scoff. "I hate that cafe." As if it were a joke, the girl let out a laugh. "I only went because you were always so happy there. Especially when the cute little waitress brought you your strawberry shortcake." At that point, her bottom lip was trembling.

Her best friend shuffled forward, and she shuffled backwards, her left heel now off the ledge. "[Name], please, we can get you help, I-I don't want..." Kei gulped, as the girl shook her head, her [h/c] locks following. "I don't w-want you to die. I-I need you in my life."

"Now you want to get me help? Now?" She let the tears fall from her [e/c] eyes fall freely, as they hit the stone of the high school. "So it didn't matter all those other times when I considered taking my life, but right now it does, because I'm about to do it right in front of you?" The girl laughed, before pressing her lips together in a thin line, as the wind blew, whistling as it filled the silence between the air. "What sucks the most is that I still love you," she said, averting her eyes, wiping away her tears one last time. Her [e/c] eyes locked onto Kei's golden ones, as she wiped her wrists on her uniform lightly. "Fuck you, Tsukishima Kei. You were the worst, as well as the best friend a girl could have. Thank you so much."

It had happened in a blink of eye, contrary to what people believed. Her left foot, then her right foot. He blinked, and scrambled to reach for the girl, but he could only feel the ghost of her uniform's tie.

And then the sickening crack upon the pavement came.


When Kei had entered the classroom, he had slipped off his headphones. No one seemed to be there---probably all out at lunch still. On the desk next to his was a vase of flowers.

"Strange," he said softly, walking over. "This is [Name]'s desk, isn't it?"

And just by chance, the megane looked over at the blackboard. It was odd; it seemed the date was written in the right corner.

February 9th.

A sharp pain entered his heart, as he bit down on his lip. Awkwardly, he fiddled with the flower crown with his large hands, before he took it off, and laid it on [Name]'s desk delicately. Tears pricked at his eyes, and he didn't bother to stop them as they fell on her desk.


"Hey, do you know why Tsukishima didn't show up to practice?" Daichi approached Yachi, as she furrowed her eyebrows lightly. "You are his girlfriend and all, so I would assume... Did he just leave without you?" He made a grimace, as she looked down at her clipboard.

It was always a habit of hers to write the date at the top of her page.

February 9th.

Her eyes softened, and glistened with tears. "What? Oh, yeah, um, Tsukki isn't coming today. I forgot to tell you guys."

Daichi shrugged, and walked away, back to his team members, as Yachi glanced up at the sky. Cloudy.

"Am I selfish enough to keep him afloat for you, [Name]?"
[selfish toxicity]
tw: sucide, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, abusive relationships. please be careful!!

basic rundown if it was confusing:

kei and you were best friends, and he's a toxic person to be around emotionally. he says demeaning things to you and you put up with it, although it does effect you greatly. despite all that he says to you you decide to stick around with him, because he can be so sweet, even if you two aren't dating. yachi, a friend of yours, comes up to you one day, and asks why you two aren't dating. you give her your answer, which is 'he needs someone as selfish as him'. you know that he's attached to you, and even though you know he's a bad person to be around you still stick around, but at this point, suicidal thoughts are already plaguing your mind.
you write him a text the night you decide when you're going to die,, and it's after he's already written his confession for you (because he likes you, and you like him back,, but remember he's a toxic person!! you don't want to date him and hurt yourself, but if you end up dead one day, you don't want ot hurt him either,,, if that makes sense)
and the next day he can't stop you no matter how much he's tried,, and he watches as you fall off the roof
fast foward a year, yachi is a completely different person, and acts somewhat selfish around her boyfriend. she's afraid that if she's not, he'll go back to being a toxic person---but not only will he hurt someone else, but himself as well.

there u go
this is kinda bad but im not doing v well so here take this.

abusive(?)!kei x reader x yachi

haikyuu -> Furudate Haruichi
artist-> from the anime,, so the animators?? m'sorry im not very okay today
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    mostly because i'm lazy af and i take way too long to get stories done so this is the official post
altho it might have been obvious
guess who might have a story up

dank meme
rip in pieces me

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no problem, love!! i rlly enjoyed the ending omg,,, <33
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I'm so happy that you liked it kaomoji set 2 67/67 
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im crying you favorited my deviations THANK YOU SOOSOSOOS MUCH TT_TT
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babe you're like the real mvp!! holy shit I loved both of your stories and you're amazing shhh <33
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Thank you for the fave! :love:
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thank you v much for the fave!!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Keep up the great work as well.
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