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guys this is v v important

i have two fanfictions in the drafts and i don't know which one to finish up first.

Tsukishima's is a soulmate au, and oikawa is based on a disney movie
{Tsukishima Kei x Reader x ?Oikawa}

[AU] In which you all attend the same school, because how else are you going to have a school dance together? But they're both on the same volleyball team, and Tsukishima can actually dance.
Reader chan is a first year, Tsukishima is a first year, and Oikawa is a third year.

[Listen to this if you'd like!]
I originally heard the song from Glee. Judge me.


"[Name], will you go to the Winter Formal with me this Friday?" 

Gasps were heard around the room as Oikawa chuckled lightly, and put his hands behind his head in a relaxed fashion. Dark auras surrounded the fangirls that were currently in the room, making you chuckle uncomfortably. Your [e/c] hues drift down 

"Sure, Tooru-chan." You wink lightly at him and ruffle his hair lightly, as a blush comes to his face. "Be sure to be ready by 5:30 pm, alright?" And even though the dark auras in the room from the fangirls made you uncomfortable, nothing made you more uncomfortable than your best friend's glare. Your best friend being Tsukishima Kei, by the way.

"Doesn't the guy usually say that?" He nudged you lightly, before repeating the action you just did, and ruffled your hair, making you grumble something among the lines of 'assikawa' before fixing your hair. "I gotta go to volleyball practice, now, [Name]-chan, I'll see you there!" Your friend gave you a wink before exiting the room, fuming fangirls following. Thank the fucking lord that they weren't going to go after you. Pacing over to your best friend, a smile graced on your face, you looked at him. 

"Come on, Kei-chan, we gotta go to your volleyball practice." You, in your leather combat boots, made you a bit taller than the tsundere, as you ruffled his hair affectionately. "Kei-chan?"

"[Name]-kun, shut it." He smacked your hand away, irritation lacing his words. He shot you a glare, making you look to the side a tiny bit, slightly hurt by what he had said. "Let's go." Normally his words wouldn't hurt, especially if it was just those four. But usually, his words weren't...venemous. The taller boy stood up, and grabbed his bag, as you followed, eyes drifted towards the ground. 

He didn't have the right to trample on your mood, not after you knew you were going to the Winter Formal, right?

The walk to the gym was unusually silent, and Tsukishima even had the nerve to put his headphones on; something he never did if he was walking with you. Crossing your arms over your chest, the two of you walked into the gym with the darkest aura anyone had ever seen, enough to give Oikawa's fangirls a run for their money.


"Hey, Kei-chan," Oikawa called to the blonde megane, jogging up, as Tsukishima bounced the volleyball up and down on the floor, as if it were a basketball. Clean up was happening, but it was clear that your best friend wasn't going to give up the ball anytime soon. "Do you you think you could teach me how to dance with [Name]-chan for the Winter Formal? I would have asked someone else,'re her best friend." He gave the boy a little grin. "Besides it would be a little awkward for me to ask my lit-"

Poor Tooru was cut off by a glare from Tsukishima.

Said boy looked over towards you, who was currently invested at looking at slightly light blue coloured dresses for the dance, because, come on, light blue, snow, school colours and all. His golden eyes lingered on your form for a moment, before they flickered back to Oikawa. He bounced the ball one more time, before it shot up into his hands, and before your brunette friend could react, it went straight into his face.

Let me reiterate.

The volleyball went straight into Oikawa Tooru's face, like someone was aiming right smack-dab in the middle.


A cry came out from your date's mouth, as you dropped your phone, and your eyes widened, before rushing over to his side.

"Oh my fucking god, what the fuck? Tsukishima Kei, you better tell me what your fucking problem is!" As you glanced between the two boys, you kneeled down next to the brunette, worry as you saw his nose bleeding. How hard did he throw it? 

Now realizing the damage he had caused, the first year grumbled something, before slamming the ball down in frustration on the gym floor, and running a hand through his blonde, sweaty locks. Grabbing his gym bag, he basically sprinted out the gym doors, leaving the you and Oikawa alone.

"Let's get you cleaned up, alright?"


Why would he act so stupid over something so fucking stupid? Looking at his blank wall, Kei sighed, as he clenched his comforter close to his chest. It was just a stupid Winter Formal.

' It's because you want to go with [Name]. '

The first year berated the silent voice in his head, because somewhere, deep down, he knew that was the reason. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.

Groaning, he grabbed his pillow and basically smothered himself in it. He shouldn't let your stupid cute ass smile get to him. Especially when Oikawa asked you ou-

Tsukishima cut off his own thoughts, throwing the pillow at the wall in irritation once again. He was pretty sure that you were the only person that could make him feel like this. Where his heart would skip a beat, and he wasn't sure why, until he started listing everything he liked about you and-!

Again, he groaned, and kicked his feet childishly on his bed, before pulling his blankets over his head. Fuck this, fuck Oikawa, and fuck you for making him feel like this.


As you glanced up at the moon, you sighed. Why'd you have to like that stupid tsundere anyways? He only hurt Oikawa in the end, and you weren't even sure why. What gave him the fuck right to whip a ball at his face? Was it because of the stupid dance? Yeah, you would rather have gone to the dance with Kei, but Oikawa...he...

You felt a pair of arms wrap around your body, as you grinned, and looked out on the balcony. "Tooru-chan, what are you doing?" The sleepy third year still had his arms wrapped around you as he sighed tiredly.

"It's like, 3am, you should come to bed, [Name]-chan. It's," he paused to yawn, "really really late."

"Stupid Trashikawa, you should sleep if you're tired. Sleep is for the weak," you teased, before realizing the weight of your words. His arms slipped away from body. "You're not weak, I mean... It was a joke. You're not weak, I promise."

"Alright, [Name]-chan." His words were weaker, as he hugged you around your waist tightly, before kissing your cheek, and pulling you inside.


The moment you saw your best friend the next day, the first words that flew out of your mouth was, "What's your fucking problem? Oikawa didn't do anything to you, you freaking jackass!"

The young megane blonde clenched his pencil, and grumbled something under his breath, and you sighed in irritation.

"Speak up, I can't hear you." 

Slamming his pencil down on the desk, he glared down at you, a blush clear as day on his cheeks. "I'm not going to teach your boyfriend how to dance with you! Goddammit it's like he likes to push my buttons! I should be the one dancing with you, not him!"

Your mouth opened slightly in surprise, before you pressed your own lips together, trying to stifle a laugh. It didn't work, very well, by the way. You ended up doubling over in laughter, with Kei glaring down at you.

"T-Tooru-chan, h-he-!" Again, you doubled over in laughter, before irritation bubbled up in your crush's body, as he cut you off.

"What the hell are you laughing for, dammit?" Running a hand through his hair, you straightened up, rubbing away at one of the tears that was in the corner of your left eye.

A blush was still on your face as you said this in the calmest way possible. "Tooru-chan is my cousin; he asked me out to the dance because someone else wasn't, and he didn't want to go with one of his fangirls," you said, biting down on your pink, chapped lips.

Tsukishima blinked blankly, before another blush crossed his face, and he facepalmed lightly. "Why didn't you tell me, you dumbass?"

"Because you never asked. Don't you think I would have told you if I had a boyfriend, Kei-chan? Honestly you're such a moro-"

You were cut off by his lips on yours, as you smirked lightly, and kissed him back, because, at the very least, he deserved that.

"[Name]. Go to the dance with me."

"...of course."
[I'm Not Gonna Teach Him How To Dance With You]
headcanon that kei is really bad with social and romantic cues so he doesn't even realize that you and oikawa are cousins lmao

feedback would be great, ilyasm!
i'm actually rlly proud of myself guys i should have another fic up tonigHT ARE YOU PROUD
{Tsukishima Kei x Reader}

Both the Reader and Tsukishima are first years. 
You two dorks have known each other since elementary school.

This is set before the match against Aoba Johsai.
Spoilers for some? Not that big but okie doke.  

His hands were bigger than yours. You only knew this because he constantly made it a point to hold your hand, or, at least, when you held his hand, he didn't really say anything, but held your hand as well. You noticed this the second time you grabbed his hand when walking to Karasuno, and it made you smile, 'cause your hands fit together like puzzle pieces. You never minded the fact that his hands were slightly calloused, they were bound to be with all the volleyball that he played.

"[Name], give me some." He squeezed your hand to get your attention as well. His voice wasn't empty, like when he talked to his teammates, but his tone was still monotonous. His bespectacled eyes drifted towards your iced coffee, to which you paused from drinking, before handing Kei the can. "I'm gonna drink the rest," he said, and before you could object, he tilted his head back, and finished it, a small 'ah' leaving his lips.

"It wasn't like I was going to finish that or anything," you said, shaking your head almost knowingly, before sighing. "We're going to practice, right?" 

It's funny, how you said 'we' as if you both were participating in the volleyball club, but you did everything you could not to participate. Literally, everything.

"[Name]-kun, can you hold th-"


You could have sworn you heard Hinata's heart break, but you simply turned the page in your book, and continued to read.

"Yeah, we do this almost everyday, you know," he says, as he looks towards your face, his eyes lingering for a moment, before they flicker back to his phone. God knows where that coffee can went; you could only hope that the boy had enough sense to recycle it when you were lost in your thoughts. The two of you approach the gym doors, as you sigh lightly, and push it open, in synch. Not on purpose though, it kind of just happened.

"Oi, Tsukki! I see you're here with your girlfriend!"

You swore you saw a little bit of Hinata die on the inside, as your best friend sent him a glare. "She's not my girlfriend, chibi." His words seemed to be strained, as he let go of your hand to run a hand through his blonde hair. You could have sworn that you felt your heart drop as he let go of your hand and said those words. "Just because you want one shouldn't cause you to project that onto me and [Name]," he said, irritation lacing his voice.

"Then what is she?" His curious face lit up, as a mischievous grin came to his face.

"It's kind of a weird thing," you said, speaking up, and shrugging lightly, to which Tsukishima looked at you, before glancing away.

Sliding his jacket off, he handed it to you, as you went to go sit on the bleachers. As you watched them practice, you looked at the back of the jacket, the kanji that said Karasuno High on it. He wouldn't mind if you wore it, right?

You stuck your arms into his jacket, and realized that, no matter how far you stuck your arms into it, the sleeves were way too big on you. With a bit of trouble, you managed to zip up Kei's jacket onto yourself, before a faint smile appeared on your face, as he looked over to you, a small smile on his face, before he noticed that you were also looking at him, and looked away. 

Never would he admit that there was a blush on his face.

[Time Skip]

"Just how long do you intend to sleep there, [Name]?" Asshole Tsukishima nudged you with his knee. "And how long do you intend to keep my jacket?" Curled up on the bleachers, you snoozed away, your backpack being a slightly uncomfortable pillow.

Yamaguchi came up from behind his friend, somewhat of a smirk placed onto his face. "Tuskki, she's really asleep."

"Shut up, I know that," he grumbled, a small blush rising up his features. "I was just hoping I wouldn't have to wake her up. She's insane when someone wakes her up."

"The last time you woke her up was when she was in grade school, Tsukki. Besides, you didn't have the best way of going about it either."

"[Name]." In his hands was a bottle of water, as he took a sip from it, as he looked down at his friends, who had her head in her arms. The only part that was showing was the [h/c] back of her head. "Wake up."

"She's asleep, Tsukki," his friend reminded calmly. "She's not going to wake up on your command."

A few moments of silence passed, and Yamaguchi sighed, returning to copy the rest of the homework down from the board, leaving the three friends alone in the room.

Loud shrieking filled the room, as the empty bottle of water went clattering to the ground. "Oops," was all Tsukishima could say, as a sly grin appeared on his face.

Needless to say that [Name] was not very happy.

"I'm gonna head out, you two should do the same." He pat his friend on the back before exiting the gym, leaving the two of you behind. 

"Oh, Tsukishima! You and [Name] should head home, I'm closing the gym up, everyone's waiting outside." The sensei spoke, and it echoed and bounced off the gym, making him blush lightly. If it was any other person, he probably would have pushed them off the chair, or even left them there.

But this was [Name].

Slowly, but surely, he was able to put her on his back, and he carried his best friend's messenger bag in hand. 

Still snoring soundly, he carried her out of the gym.


Thankfully, your parents weren't all too upset with your best friend bringing you home, knowing that it was bound to happen some day, with someone like you.

How he managed to walk you up the stairs and place you gently in your bed without waking you up was beyond him, but he wasn't going to question it. The megane blonde placed you in your bed, before pulling the blankets over you. The things he does for you, but the things you'll never know.

His golden eyes linger on your form for a second, before he presses a kiss to your forehead, and a small, genuine smile appears on his lips.

As he turns his back to leave, he hears a shuffling from your bed, as he glances back. Your eyes are slightly open, and it's easy to tell that you're in between the state of sleep and alertness right now.

"Tsukishima, I love you," is all you whisper, before you shut your eyes completely. "I love you lots, okay?" You murmured this quietly, before pulling the comforters up, and your snoring begins again.

His lips are slightly parted in shock, as he blinks blankly, trying to get a grip of what you said. If you were awake, he'd probably say something really snarky, along the lines of, "I know," but all he can say is, "I love you too." Even though you're not awake, the blush on his face is extremely dark, as he groans out in irritation, before closing your door, and speed walking out of your house. 

In the darkness, he can only storm angrily to the park.

The way you irk him beyond words made him pissed off so much that it made him want to kiss your fucking face off. 

It's probably the easiest thing to see in the world, that he maybe sort kind of fell in love with you. It was bound to happen---since you two were basically attached at the hip since you were kids. 

It was the way you cared for him, and the way you laughed. Your beautiful [h/c] and [e/c] and no matter how short you may be, it was simply adorable. It didn't matter what kind of day he was having, or how bitchy he was being, his feelings always came first to yours, even though it made him feel really bad.

Oh my god, he sounded like an anime school girl with a crush. God, he just needed to go home.


The next morning, he arrived at class 1-4, as you grinned, and gave him a wave. "Kei, Kei! I have something for you today!" 

The blonde sighed, and as he pulled off his headphones, walked over to you. "It's an iced coffee, so you don't keep drinking mine! I also have a Strawberry Shortcake for your lunch today as a thank you for bringing me home last night," you said naïvely, a big smile on your face.

Damn you and your fucking perfect smile and your fucking sweet personality.

Damn you for making him fall in love with you.


"Tsukki's girlfriend is here again today!" Hinata's overly excited voice, as you sighed.

"I'm not his girlfriend," you began, "it's kind of a weird thing."

You swore that Tsukishima's grip tightened on your hand.

"Let's just change that, alright?" He said, not looking at you, as your eyes widened just slightly, before his lips were pressed against yours harshly. He pulled away after a moment, as he sighed. "I'm tired of us just being kind of a weird thing."

"I'm okay with us being kind of a weird thing."

"You dumbas-"

"Because soulmates are kind of weird things too, right?"
[It's Kind of a Weird Thing]
in which Tsukishima is done with being a borderline couple/best friends with you. i imagine that he's the kind of guy who would put up with this kind of shit until he couldn't because he likes you so much.
is it okay?? is IT?? IT's mY FIRST HAIKYUU FIC PL S

(if you can't tell after this you and tsukishima are together yeah yeah)

tsukishima (c) Haruichi Furudate


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guys this is v v important

i have two fanfictions in the drafts and i don't know which one to finish up first.

Tsukishima's is a soulmate au, and oikawa is based on a disney movie

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