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hi so i know i'm really not the most active author/artist,, but i don't think i'll be able to get to any writing until mid march or so... i've been trying to transfer/get into a high school,, and they didn't really accept me, i was a few points off from the cut off mark. i'm trying for second round/principal's discretion,, but that's going to be really hard, and the last thing i want to do is force shitty writing out of me when i've got stuff weighing on my mind.
sorry, guys.
Tagged by :iconprincesssakura1221: 
1) Write down every letter in your name 
2) Write down a song that pops into your head beginning with each letter.
3) Count the number of letters and TAG that many people.

atryoshka?? vocaloid u kno
I know places by taylor swift
N ot Just you cody simspon or somethng//
A Drop in the oceaN??? ron PoPE??


1. You Must Post These Rules.
2. Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. Answer The Given Questions, Then Ask 10 Questions For The People you Tagged.
4. You have to tag ten people.
5. No Tag Backs.
6. You Must tag ten REAL People.

Ten Facts About Me:
1. i like they/them pronouns
2. destroy all capital lEttER s PL easE
3. i type like a five year old
4. :iconotencia: is my moirail and i love him lots
5. i hate valentines day
6. i love haikyuu so much
7. i'll be cosplaying kei soon
8. i got a c in biology on my final
9. anime midwest!!!
10. i watched rwby in one day rip
:iconprincesssakura1221: 10 Q's
1. Top five OTPS?
personally i ship myself and tsukishima kei,,
kagehina, tsukkiyama, kenma x kuroo, natsu x lucy and johndave
2. Anyone's ever made you extremely uncomfortable?
yeah,,, most of my friends
3. Webcomics you think I should check out?
dude u read all of th em lm ao
4. Did you hear about Kuroshitsuji's new season??????
i think//?? book of circus right?
ciel duh
6. Any pet peeves?
7. Did you see the Homestuck anime?
t ge fuck ther's a na nimE? i dIdn"t
8. You are now royalty, what do you do?
uH??? i would probably be lkike 'give me super powers'
9.  You get one free wish, what do you wish for?
for everyone to be happy
10. ayyyyy ??
i don't do tags BY
{Tsukishima Kei x Reader | drabble}

Both the jackass and the reader are first years.
Hopefully this makes up for the 'thing'. aka my last fic.


You and Kei weren't dating.

Everyone always asked, but no, you two were only friends. To say that no feelings were there was a lie; both of you liked each other so much---and on top of the fact that you two constantly hung out, everyone basically had no choice but to assume you two were dating.


The dark room was only illuminated by the two phones, one in your hand, the other in his, as you gave a small 'hm' sound to acknowledge the fact that, yes, you did indeed hear him, and you were totally paying attention to him, even if your eyes weren't on the megane. You lied next to him, under his bedsheets, but no, god no, you weren't do anything like... that.

"[Name], it's eleven o'clock, I have to go to bed, and I'm not going to be kept up by your little phone." He gave you a glare, to which you looked at him.

A snicker came from you, as you shook your head, your phone still a comfortable distance away from your face as you scrolled through Tumblr. "You're weak as fuck," you couldn't help but say, rolling your eyes. "Oh no, you're gonna be tired when you wake up, boo fucking who," you said, before shaking your head and rolling your eyes again.

Shifting came from the right side of the bed, where Tsukishima lay, but you didn't move a muscle.

And before you knew it, he was on top of you.

Trapping you in, only a small space between you two. His hands laid next to your head, his legs near your knees, as you blinked, a small blush coming to your face. You flipped your phone so the light from the screen would show his face, only to see a blush on his face as well.

Tsukishima leaned down, so you were looking him in the eyes, as a smirk played onto his face.

"Hey, [Name]."

"Y-Yes?" The positition you two were in made you even more flustered than usual.

So of course, you didn't see it coming.

When he smacked the phone out of your hand and onto your face. Smack, right in the middle, as you grunted, and he rolled off of you, snickering like a big idiot. It didn't help that you had a LifeProof case---those things hurt like hell.

"Fuck you, jackass."

"Love you too, [Name]. And goodnight."
please tell me if you know the artist who drew the lovely picture so i can give credit!! :^)
also tsukishima is a hot jackass bye
edit: credit to x wow hella cool go check them out. uwu
{Tsukishima Kei x Shimizu!Reader}

You and Kei are both first years at Karasuno.
Kiyoko is your older sister, and I guess you replace Yachi? You two are pretty close in here.
This was intended to be a drabble but...


The first time you came to the club was when your parents told you they wanted you to start walking home with your sister. Not that you minded much, it was better to walk in pairs as opposed to walking alone down the dark streets. But what you didn't expect was for your sister to come for you to help manage her volleyball team.

While you knew that she had done it, the last thing you had expected was for her to ask you to come help her out. You two shared a room, and your beds were right next to each other, and there was countless nights in which she would just talk to you about how amazing the volleyball team, everyone, even her fan club. You would silently listen, and nod your head at the correct time, holding her hand softly. Ah, the sisterly love.


"Nee-chan! Wait up, wait up," you said, clambering after your sister awkwardly, holding your bag. "Here, I mean, I know that I'm sorta like the manager, but not officially, 'cos I'm here 'cos I'm your sister, and they only know me and we're only friends because of that, but you know, still, here, give it to Daichi-senpai." It came out all in one breath, and you kept stumbling over your words as you held out the form to your sister. "I want to be able to take care of the team while you're away!" 

A small blush tinged your cheeks as you grinned as the form was taken from your hands. "Do your best," she said quietly, before turning to walk in the gym, a silent urge for you to follow her.

The moment you walked in with her, she was immediately circled like prey by Noya and Tanaka. Not even a 'hello' for you from them. No, "Hey [F/N], how are you?". Nothing. You knew that your sister was pretty, but sometimes it got irritating, especially if you were trying to talk to her and she was constantly being stolen away.

"Watch out, [F/N]!" An energetic voice called out---Hinata's---as a ball came flying towards you. Almost immediately, you dropped your backpack, and gave the volleyball a nice receive back to Kageyama. "Oh jeez, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!" Hinata ran over to you, grasping your hands in his, as a small blush came to your face. "I was practicing on receiving Bakayama's serve and then-"

"Who the hell are you calling Bakayama, jackass? Shimizu-san," both you and your sister turned your heads towards the setter, before the third year realized he was referring to you, "can receive better than you and she's never played volleyball before!" The so called 'King' came storming over, as he smacked the energetic decoy over the head. 

You blinked lightly. "Eh? I've played volleyball before," you countered, as your hands slipped from Hinata's, so you could put them behind your back. "I played-" The door to the gym opened, cutting you off from continuing. Tsukishima and Yamaguchi---you recognized them because they were in your class---walked in lazily, as the megane shot the three of you a dirty look.

"How all are so loud," he said, making Hinata and Kageyama scowl.

"Wanna fight, bastard?" The energetic one exclaimed, as Kageyama's aura darkened by at least ten fold, before he turned back to you.

"What position did you play, Shimizu-san?" You blinked, staring up at the tall setter.

"Oh, me? I played Middle Blocker," you said, looking down, as if trying to remember. "But I never joined the Girl's Volleyball Club 'cos I was kind of lazy, and I'm not really made for the court, ya know?" You looked back up at the tall setter, who had an angry look on his face, as he grabbed you by the shoulders. 

"Not made for the court? Shimizu-san! You're amazing at volleyball, and I can just tell from that receive just then! You shouldn't put yourself down like that, you're so much better than Tsukishima, and you're not even as tall as he is!" Kageyama had a light blush on his face, as you grinned.

"Thank you, Kageyama-kun, but I'm not really that good, in fac-"

"[F/N]-san? Good? I doubt it. She doesn't have her sister's looks, ugly, in fact, she's weak, she can't even take a hit to the face with the volleyball, which chibi over there can," Tsukishima snickered, saying it loud enough to make sure you can hear. You looked away, and twisted at your hands, to which your sister gave you a look, before shaking her head. Opening her mouth to say something, Tanaka beat him to it. Turning his attention away from your sister for just a moment, he gave the first year a dark look, the kind he would give when trying to intimidate someone.

Strike one.

"Hey, you fucking bastard! Don't say that about Kiyoko-san's little sister, you'll make her cry!" Whether he was referring to you, or your sister, you backed away from Kageyama, before shaking your head.

"No, I... Tsukishima's right. I'm not a very good player and..." Your eyes watered with tears as you shook your head and wiped away at them. "That's why I don't play, it's as simple as that." You were surprised at how steady your voice sounded; you even managed a smile. You wanted attention, sure, friends, you wanted to make friends in this club, so when you managed, you could all get along. This is far from what you wanted.

"Alright, that's it! Let's start with practice!" The team was a bit surprised to say the least, surprised that Daichi didn't step in sooner.


You sat on the bench, your own notebook open as you wrote down a few statistics, as every person went to spike and receive and such. It was obvious that something was up, usually you were cheering them on, telling them 'good job' for no matter what happened; regardless if the ball hit the floor or their arms. 

Were you really that bad of a player? Were you really that ugly? You turned your forearms to face you, as your head looked down and your [h/l] [h/c] hair fell forward, looking at the newly formed red spot from receiving the ricocheting ball from Hinata. You would like to think, even though you weren't playing still, you were good at volleyball. Ish. All that training in elementary and junior high school wasn't for nothing, right? And your sister was really pretty, so that had to count for something...right? Tears welled up in your [e/c] eyes, as a few fell onto the notebook paper. 

Tsukishima was right. 

You didn't notice when the [f/c] pen fell from your hands and onto the floor, rolling near Tsukishima's foot, near the middle of the line. He looked down, and picked it up, noticing the little [cute thing] charm on the end, before smirking lightly, and walking over. 

"Don't mind, don't mind," he called out softly, although he wasn't sure anybody heard him. Holding out your pen to you, he expected you to snatch it back, and shout some irritating, hot-blooded words. "Here, chibi. You dropped it, you moron."

Your hands trembling, you looked up at him, as more tears streamed down your face, and you gently took your [f/c] pen. His hand trembled for a moment when your soft skin touched it, but as soon as it was in your grasp, he dropped it. A blush over took his face, damn, this wasn't supposed to happen.

"You're still crying over what I said earlier? How pathetic. You're such a child." Why the hell was he saying these words? Maybe it was because he wanted you to be a child. That way...he could protect you, right? 

Never would he admit it but he may have a tiny, itty bitty, minuscule crush on you. He didn't know how to express his feelings right, let alone say the right words. That he had come to terms with, but it didn't stop him from the words coming from out of his mouth.

But for you, that's...

Strike two.

Looking away, a blush overcame your own cheeks, as you clenched your pen in embarrassment, more tears falling down onto your notebook.

"Oi, Tsukishima! Do you want me to double up on your conditioning for harassing Shimizu-san?" Your sister glanced over at you at this, and you gave her an unsure smile.

"Whatever," he said, irritation evident as he walked back to line.


"Oi, Shimizu-san."

Once again, both you and your sister turned to the coach before he pointed to you, and motioned you over lightly.

Getting up from the bench, you screwed the last water bottle cap onto the bottle, as you set it down and walking over. "What's up, Ukai-san?"

"Are you okay? Tsukishima has been a lately, and he's kind of been taking it out on you. I'm sorry, that shouldn't discourage you from becoming manager, alright?"

You clenched your fists. Everyone was always letting him off the hook, saying that he's an ass, that it's natural, but it was obvious he only said things as harsh as he did to you specifically.

"Yeah, don't worry. I gotta take over the club after my sister, you know?" You tried not to let Tsukishima's words repeat in your mind, but you couldn't help but let that happen.

'[F/N]-san? Good? I doubt it. She doesn't have her sister's looks, ugly, in fact, she's weak, she can't even take a hit to the face with the volleyball, which chibi over there can.'

' moron.'

'You're still crying over what I said earlier? How pathetic. You're such a child.'

A smile graced your features as you nodded. A painful, forced, fake smile. Ukai gave a slight grimace, before he shook his head lightly, and tossing the volleyball into your hands

"What the hell are you smiling like that for? It doesn't help your ugly appearance. Maybe you should learn a thing or two from your sister, hm, [F/N]?" A familiar voice teased, a smirk playing on his face. You didn't even need to turn around to see that he had it on his face. "Although, if you were prettier, I'm sure you would be drowning in confessions, like Noya-senpai's, and Tanaka-senpai's..." He tugged at your hair. 'As well as mine.' The rest of the volleyball club trickled in after, swarming you and Kiyoko for towels and water bottles.

Strike three.

He's out.

"You know what, T-Tsukishima? I may be ugly, I m-may suck at volleyball," your voice was cracking on every insult, as your sister stood up to stop you, "I may b-be childish, and p-pathetic-"

"Where are you going with this?" His jaw slackened a bit, as his mouth opened into a little 'o' shape.

"But at least I'm not a coward. I don't hide behind snarky remarks or insults to try and hide my own insecurities or feelings or thoughts. I might be all these things you say I am, but I refuse to be someone like you. I'm not a coward. You think that you can just get away with it because of how you act. It's because you're a coward. I know what I feel, and I don't have to hide behind my words. So fuck you, Tsukishima Kei!" Tears were now streaming down your rosy cheeks, before your sister grabbed your shoulder in an effort to try and make you stop, and face her.

You glanced back at her, your entire body racked with shakes as you breathed in heavily and shook your head

"Wait, [F/N]." 

The last voice on earth you wanted to hear.

"Coward." Was all that you spat out, before you dashed out of the gym, leaving the ball to drop to the floor in front of the tall megane blonde. 

"You fucked up. Bad, Kei."
this was supposed to be a drabble,,, but it ended up not
guys this is v v important

i have two fanfictions in the drafts and i don't know which one to finish up first.

Tsukishima's is a soulmate au, and oikawa is based on a disney movie


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hi so i know i'm really not the most active author/artist,, but i don't think i'll be able to get to any writing until mid march or so... i've been trying to transfer/get into a high school,, and they didn't really accept me, i was a few points off from the cut off mark. i'm trying for second round/principal's discretion,, but that's going to be really hard, and the last thing i want to do is force shitty writing out of me when i've got stuff weighing on my mind.
sorry, guys.

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