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tfw u dont organize any of ur favorites anymore


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mina fairhax
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
mina is my name

angst is the game.

Self-asserted angst ruler.

About me and stuff um okay:

im rlly awkward and I write fanfictions in 2nd and 3rd person bc some perspectives fit some stories more than others!! i'm not as active as I was a while ago bcus i'm putting a lot more effort into my stories and I am trying to edit out and make them nicer as I go along!! go improvement~! If you don't know what fandoms i'm in, just ask and i'll tell chu,,, what else... idk but I tend to be really awkward and if you want to talk or rant or vent I am here!! if u don't wanna send me a note on here you can always find my tumblr down there and stuff and just tell me there if u wanna,,, um let's see... I love making new friends and stuff so pls hmU!! I play chess, volleyball and rp in my free time and I play piano so idk sometimes I might be inactive because of that but since summer is coming up I probably won't be as inactive as I was in the school year!! if I am it's proabably camp for any of my hobbies!!

if it's not too much trouble,, they/them pronouns would be gr9


Currently working on (in order, hopefully):

note: these are mostly the baseline of the stories---there might be a drabble or something in between them, or stories, but these are ones that i swear to god im gonna write

[mask] { the phantom thief x reader } CAN BE FOUND:…
please note that the was fucking with my formatting, so the size of the text and such
is screwed up.

[paper star encounters] { kuroo tetsurou x reader x kenma } CAN BE FOUND:…

[gummy bears] { calliope x reader } CAN BE FOUND:…

[miss library] { akise aru x reader }

[meet again] { tooru oikawa x reader }

[marry you] { dave strider x reader }

[how to (not) fall in love] { yamaguchi x reader } CAN BE FOUND:…

[monster] { hiro hamada x reader }


trades: why not tho hell yeah these are open i'll do it if u wanna do one just hmu

commissions: i'm not rlly big on people paying me for something i'm not all too confident with

requests: probably not,, unless I offer not rlly, no,,


icons, usernames & stuff:

kei tsukishima from haikyuu!! lbr if the videocam or w/e was still there we all know it'd be the bae there. My username is minakurosaki beCAUSE I WAS A FUCKIGN T RASH and I still am tbh,, it's not that I would be marrying ichigo,, I am obviously the love child of ichigo and rukia,,,


(lord help me)


I had a fanfiction at one point, but then again,,,

we don't talk about the dark ages anymore,,,

I have a wattpad but yo don't look it up bc we dONT TALK ABOUT THE DARK AGES.

I'm only really on here and tumblr so ye


in regards to my stories:

i'll try and reply to each of the comments I get,,,!! if I don't reply right away i'll get to it asap! ♥ I love getting feedback from u guys so don't be afraid to speak up if you see something wrong!!

copypastas: I haven't gotten any but if I see any on any of my works I will personally come over and delete and block u tbh bcus some of them are really dumb.

Plagerism: it happened at my school, some little shit copied my essay. I will make sure you pay if you copy any of my works, or any of my friends works, I don't care, I will find you. It's not cool whatsoever and I hate it.

I love writing angst because I like breaking hearts especially my own bc I like mending it with all the cute fluff that people write!! if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!! I don't rlly write smut 'cause it can make me uncomfortable and I don't rlly read it but on some occasions I will!! I write songfics too sometimes bc some sonGS GML TBH

I kno I type like a five year old but in my stories I try to keep the grammar in check and such!!

I also RP (on tumblr, not anime and manga rps tho) so if i'm behind it's either that or school or chess,,,!



multifandom for a bunch so just ask if ur unsure!! reader insert and canon friendly (but I write reader inserts more often)

intp, virgo, music-art oriented, but i'm kinda smart idk



instagram – tsukishixa
if u wanna follow me,, pls dm me first so I know who you are!! I dont rlly accept requests
unless I know them or smthing of that sort

tumblr – tsukishixa
yoooo hmu there if u wanna and if we're friends I might have a tag for you ;o;

email – note me
if u wanna get it pls

kik – gigi_chan
again, please message me saying you're from dA or smth!!

skype – note me
ask me and if we're close i'll give it to ya

snapchat – note me
but don't send me dick pics or i'll screenshot them and blackmail you for child
poronography, thx
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  • Listening to: this will be the day
  • Reading: fanfiction
  • Watching: rwby
  • Playing: twau
  • Eating: souls
  • Drinking: the blood of my enemies
    mostly because i'm lazy af and i take way too long to get stories done so this is the official post
altho it might have been obvious
guess who might have a story up

dank meme
rip in pieces me


someone pls write a silly soulmate au where when u give ur number to ur soulmate 'call me maybe' starts playing pls and thank y
{ oikawa tooru x demisexual!reader }

*i'm not talking about hsm haahahha i didn't listen to that song no thatd be preposterous
*read as 'i dont "dance"' because 'dance' does not mean dance (or in terms of the title, you'll see what dancing equates to in the title.)

fandom/pov: haikyuu/3rd


The overwhelming stench of alcohol was enough to make [Name] want to puke. Why did she even agree to coming to this damn club in the first place?

Oh come on, [Name], it'll be fun! I need a designated driver anyways! 

"That's right," she mumbled, smushing her [s/c] cheeks against the table, the bass making it vibrate, making her groan loudly. "My roommate decided to go party on finals week. What an amazing idea." Sarcasm laced [Name]'s voice, as she sat up again, wincing at the bright lights that shined in her eyes, as she shielded her [e/c] eyes with her hands, desperately looking for her best friend (who was also her roommate) in the crowd.

She did not, in fact, find her roommate, but when she had returned back to her table, she was greeted with a mop of brown hair, and a face that was looking down at his drink. Part of it had been matted down with sweat---but it was easy for [Name] to tell he was attractive. 

"Can I help you?" She asked in a normal voice, not even trying to compete with the large bass that pounded, and the male was quite sure he heard something, but the fact he couldn't actually figure out what she was saying. He looked up, and his chocolate orbs locked with her [e/c] eyes, and they widened slightly.

Something flashed through them. Recognition, perhaps? 

"I have no idea what you said, but you're really pretty!" Tooru, as opposed to [Name], had decided to compete over the bass, and the girl's somewhat keen hearing was able to pick up on the words he had said; a blush on her face to go with it. 

"T-Thanks...?" While the compliment was nice for her to hear, it was somewhat out of nowhere, making her confused. 

The brunette grinned "Let's go dance!" He popped up perkily, and grabbed the girl's hand, intertwining their fingers so that he was now fulling holding her hand. A blush was clear on her face as he pulled her onto the dance floor.

Bass was pounding enough to make her head hurt and people were hot and sweaty, but the two were obviously too involved in each other to actually care. Her [e/c] eyes flickered over the male, studying his features, his perfect caramel brown eyes, his sweaty, but still amazing brown locks, and the constant smirk that was laid on his lips was enough to make the girl realize that the person she was dancing with was hot.

And then it hit her like a ton of bricks.

Holy shit, she went to school with this kid.

It had been a while ago, when she had actually been in Aoba Josai, but [Name] recognized him as none other than the trash king himself, Oikawa Tooru. A small smirk played onto her lips as she danced close to him---but not to the point of grinding---smirking at the fact that he was out clubbing, right after high school had ended. She knew it shouldn't have come as a surprise to her, but it gave her a small laugh.

"What are you laughing at, hm, [Name]-chan?" The boy pulled her close to him, leaning into her ear and purring that out, making her shiver.

He pulled away from her, before dancing again as Uptown Funk began to pound loudly from the speakers, as he grinned cheekily.

"Gotta kiss myself," he practically shouted along with everyone in the club, "I'm so pretty!"

His brown eyes flickered to [Name]'s pale lips, said girl being too distracted in her own euphoria of dancing to notice his gaze.

"Come back to my place tonight," Tooru mumbled, picking up a lock of her hair, and kissing it lightly. He leaned down to her height, and pressed his own lips against hers, his tongue entering her mouth that had gasped in surprise---

before she shoved him back, causing him to bite down on his own tongue, and painfully scream out, "Ow!"

Now, the club was much too crowded and much too loud, for anyone to actually hear him, as [Name] winced at his own pain, before taking his hand, and dragging him out of the club doors, her roommate now long forgotten, basically shoving him against the alley wall.

"I'm sorry, Tooru, you're a nice guy and all, but that was really sudden."

The boy blushed lightly at her words, before holding his hand out to her, a grin crawling onto his face. "My offer still stands."

"I'm good. I don't really like..."

Tooru gave a look of offendedness, glaring at the [h/c] haired girl. "You don't like the way I look? Or dance?"

Her pretty pink lips dropped in worry. "O-Oh no, that's not what I meant. You are very handsome, and if the circumstances were different, and if I were different, I might take you up, but i-"

"You're not making sense, [Name]-chan," he whined, grabbing her hands and intertwining their fingers once again. "Make sense again."


Cue the look of confusion.

"It means I don't usually get intimate with someone unless I feel like I've had a connection with the--"

"You don't like sex??" Oikawa looks at the girl, confusion on his face. 

"I didn't say that," [Name] said, looking at the ground in irritation, before he let go of her hands in disbelief.

"You don't like sex!! How can you not like sex?? It's the best thing ever, sex is amaz--"

"God, I get it, I'm a freak for not liking sex, god, shut up. I don't need to hear that word over and over again," she snapped out in irritation, as he fell silent.

He frowned lightly, swallowing uncomfortably. "That's not what I meant. I just thought you didn't want to---"

"Frick frack."

Oikawa gave a small chuckle combined with a sigh before continuing, "---frick frack me because I wasn't good enough for you or something."

It was [Name]'s turn to laugh, as she shook her head, and ruffled his hair lightly. "Not what I meant, but at least now you know," she said, a bit proud, with a smile. 

"Here." Taking out a pen (from who knows where, probably up his ass) he grabbed her small [s/c] hand, and scribbled down something. "It's my number."

"Oikawa, I already said that I wasn't into that kin--"

"Not for sex. To be friends."

The [h/c] haired girl gazed at the number, squinting in the darkness of the night with her [e/c] eyes, before grinning.

"I'd really like that, actually."

"Of course, who wouldn't want to be friends with me?"

"'re exactly the same as you were in high school?"



"Ah, [Name]-chan, you're so mean!! Wait, wait up for me!!"

{ e n d }
[i don't dance]
short story is short, do not care tbh

i do not own you or haikyuu,,,

i hope he wasn't too ooc?? 

edit:  i called it i don't dance based off of hsm,, and dancing refers to sex, if you don't get it
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
{ juuzou suzuya x reader | drabble/oneshot }

fandom/pov: tokyo ghoul/2nd person

*reader and suzuya are both 21 & suzuya is part of the ccg
*I have watched one episode of tg. sue me.
*based off of a very early scene in vampire knight; please tell me if you can find it/recognize it!!
*slight AU bc of the time difference as well as colleges and such.

tw for bulimia, gore & character death.


The feeling was utterly and absolutely disgusting; like you shouldn't have eaten it, but you had. Blood dripped down your chin, as you coughed, standing above the now mangled person. Had he been a classmate of yours? The white and aqua jacket was now stained crimson, and you could barely make out 'VBC' in all of the blood. His brown hair had been completely tousled, and you automatically knew you had fucked up. You could feel bile raising up in your throat as you staggered off into a side alley of the main alleyway, as you keeled over at your side.

"Oh god," you mumbled, as the vomit left your mouth, along with blood, and oh god, was that pieces of skin? You coughed---you could never actually handle a lot of human meat, even you knew that much. You were a weak ghoul, tiny, at the very bottom of the ladder of all that they called great. Maybe you weren't even on the ladder.

You probably weren't.

"Hello?" The voice rang in your ears, and you shivered, automatically knowing who it was.

"Suzuya-kun?" Your own voice echoed in the alley; and you knew you had been caught. You were frozen, stuck in place, and each and every blood speck that had been splattered onto your body somehow seemed to burn a hole into your [s/c] skin. "What are you doing h-her--"

Your own voice was cut off by the sound of footsteps approaching you, and you recognized it immediately. You heard it almost everyday; considering it was the sound of your best friend's shoes. Suzuya. 

"[Name]-chan! Are you alright?" He asked innocently, before you scowled.

"Don't come any closer!" You barked out, and the footsteps halted, for just a moment, and you scurried out of the side alleyway, into the main one.

And then a flashlight clicked on.

The bright light shined on you, blinding you for a moment, and you covered your eyes with your bloody hand.

"Turn that shit off, Suzuya," you mumbled, as you wiped away the blood from your mouth. 

"You have horrible table manners, [Name]," he said, leaving off the honorifics, making you shudder and stand up straight, before you realized the situation you two were in. "Let me just clean that up for you."

Your [e/c] eyes drifted to the weapon in his hand, as you swallowed nervously. Everything seemed to click into place.

"You're a part of the CCG...?"

"I guess we're both pretty good liars, huh?" A cold grin appeared on his face, the scythe dragging lazily behind him, the screeching sound the metal made when it was in contact with the pavement. The sound was disgusting, and you could feel bile rising up in your throat again, because you knew what your fate was as he continued to walk closer. "I can't believe you hid this from me for five years."

"Four, actually," you mumbled. Half ghoul, Ayato is a dick, etcetera. "You've hid the fact that you're an CCG agent for what, your entire life?"

"Five years."

The white haired boy paused in front of you, a somewhat sadistic grin on his face. "You're not going to run, [Name]-chan~?" His voice rang out in the alleyway, sending yet another shiver down your spine. "How boring."

You closed your [e/c] eyes, and the feeling of a cold metal blade  pricked the back of your neck, and you could feel tears welling up in your eyes. It's not like you had expected to last long in this world anyways---considering the fact that you could barely kill someone without throwing up. "M'sorry."


Suzuya froze, and let the large scythe rest on the nape of your neck for a moment, as he tucked his bottom lip in between his teeth, nervously pulling at one of his suspenders. He wasn't...when he executed ghouls, they weren't supposed to say things like that.


"Don't say that," he snapped out, pulling on the scythe lightly, and you hissed out, feeling it cut lightly into your neck. "Attack me, try and kill me, hell, run away. Just don't say sorry."

Despite your (ex) best friend's wishes, you continued. "I-I'm sorry I was such a bad friend, I should have told you sooner."

A small scoff was heard. "That would only make you die sooner."

"I suppose so," you mumble, a sad smile on your face, as you kicked at the ground lightly.

"Considering I'm your best friend---"

You couldn't help but let out a humourless chuckle. Did he seriously consider the two of you best friends still?

"---I'll let you have your last words." The white haired boy looked you over, pursing his lips, but he never relinquished his grip on his weapon, and you swallowed. 

It's not like you feared death; you knew it was inevitable, but you had never believed that it would have been at the hands at Juuzou.

"At least this way..." Tears were streaming down your face, as you gulped, looking Suzuya in the eyes. "I won't have to kill anymore." The clear tears streamed down off of your face and onto the concrete of the alleyway

His own eyes widened, and for once, he hesitated. "Yeah. Not anymore."

You gave him a smile. "Thanks, Suzuya."

You opened your [e/c] eyes, and flinched lightly when you heard, 

"I'm sorry."

And then everything went black.

{ e n d }
[not anymore]
i don't own tokyo ghoul or any of it's characters!

okay so this was really hard to write mostly bc i don't know anything but it was sO FU N,,! and i was like
fuc k ye ahhh

i hope this wasn't too bad and it wasn't too ooc!

ediT: this was rlly ooc but idgaf okay off to my oikawa one
I've gotten into teen wolf man,,, im too far in
people who are cliquey in group rps on tumblr,,,

why don't you just 1x1 jfC?? LIKE LMA o suc k my a ss.

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